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How much do you know about the beautiful city of Columbus? If you know or you don’t know, relax as we are going to unfold the fantastic description of the city that matters to you. First, Columbus is not only the largest but also the most populous city in the state of Ohio. Besides, it is the capital of Ohio state. In the Midwest, immediately after Chicago, Columbus is the second most popular city and the 14th city in the whole of the United States. Columbus in its metropolitan area having a demographic population of about 2,078,725 as per 2014 and has a total population of 879160 as per 2017 statistics. The city is well developed industrially and commercially in various sectors which include but not limited to automobile, electrical appliances, textile, aircraft, missile, machinery, and food. Generally, there is a lot of industrial development in this city that has boosted its economy and growth. Columbus University is just but one of the many learning institutions in the city and is among the largest universities in the United States. Other universities and colleges in its proximity include Franklin University, Capital University, Columbia State Community College, Druid University, Wesleyan University of Ohio, Dominican University of Ohio, Otterbein College, Columbus School of Art and Design, and Danison University. With such a vast array of learning institutions and industries, Columbus then becomes a central meeting point of all categories and classes of people. This is the reason as to why Columbus should be your first choice of place if you want to meet rich sugar daddy or beautiful sugar baby.

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